G.P. Marketing Process

How do we begin working with you + what are the costs?

Let’s meet!  The first step is for us to learn about your business or organization, hear about your current marketing strategies and understand who your clientele is.  Ideally we will meet and treat you to a cup of coffee, but meeting over the phone or skype works too.  Research then happens on our end to understand your industry, look at your target audience and review your company's online marketing reports.  We will provide a quote for the marketing solutions you need.  The final step is when we join your small business or non-profit marketing team to execute the necessary services. 


All Greenwich Point Marketing packages are customized to meet our clients' varying marketing needs.  Many of our clients work on a monthly retainer while other customers simply require one-off projects that are then handled on an hourly basis.  Our rate ranges $75-$125 an hour and non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations receive a discounted rate on most services.  Deposits are required on some services and projects.